Jose Update December 16

Yesterday's procedure (2nd surgery) went well to treat Jose's wounds.  Everything looked good and they are healing nicely.  Praise God!

Today Jose is being transferred to the national hospital in Antigua.  Our prayers now are protection from infection, attentive medical staff, and continued healing.  He is in a very good private hospital but the costs were high due to the amount of very expensive medications needed.  We have almost used the money raised for his care in only a week!  For him to stay there is not feasible, long-term, so we've prayed and searched the next best option and feel the national hospital is the way for now.  This is the absolute least ideal option since the national healthcare system is horrible here and is what failed Jose to begin with but it's the only door God has opened so we will go in faith.  We personally know several doctors there and he will be under their care.  Chris will be in contact with them daily and advocating for Jose's care.  We are still pursuing other options so pray for those doors to be opened if it's His will.  Jose's situation is in His hands and we are earnestly seeking Him every step of the way.  

Jose's family has been with him every day in the hospital.  His mom, brother and sister take turns spending the night with him so he won't be alone.  They love him obviously but his mom said they go so "He can be loved and see their faces, receive a smile".  They will not be able to spend the night with him in the national hospital or visit with him as long each day.  Pray for his spirits to not go down, for sadness to not overwhelm him, and to have hope and not despair.  Pray for the medical staff to love him and treat him well.

Thank you for your prayers!



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