Jose Update December 13

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We finally had the opportunity to visit with Jose last night and he is still doing great!  The red you see in the picture is not blood, it's some sort of wound care solution they are using to treat his burns from the accident 5 months ago.  He is smiling here but we can assure you he is in a great deal of pain because he is on his side which means he is being turned.  They do that every 2 hours and it's very painful.  For a guy who has been through what he has, his attitude is exceptional and he's always got a smile on his face.  

They are using a wound vac for the three areas. On Friday he will go back to surgery to see how the bed sores are healing. This will happen every 6-7 days while needed.  Please pray for them to heal quickly so he doesn't have to go to surgery every week for very long.  Pray for his pain, when it's intense he's not eating as much and the nutrition is a key component of his healing. He asked me for something to read and is listening to the audio bible we brought him.  Pray also that the Lord would give him peace and encourage his heart.  We will post another update on Friday.

Thank you!

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