We're getting started!

Project for Hope has officially begun!  What was once a thought, then a dream, then a purpose, is now a reality and happening right before our eyes. We've prayed and planned and seen it all come together.  Through God's provision we've welcomed 8 women and their children, 17 kids in total, into the project.  

The ladies are currently in Phase 1 where they are receiving job training, budget counseling, daily encouragement and most are attending literacy classes.   We have 2 ladies enrolled in a Saturday program where they will receive their middle school diploma.   On top of all that, they are working here on the property, Monday through Friday - cleaning, cooking, and maintaining the grounds.  Eventually, they will be working in the greenhouses when that phase is up and running.  They are happy to be here and it's been amazing to see the changes in their demeanor that having hope brings.  Simply not having to worry about food on a daily basis is a huge burden that has been lifted for most of these women.  However, this is the most difficult part of our program and has been overwhelming for them.  Going to a job every day, learning about money and budgeting and planning are concepts that are not in their realm of thinking so it's a challenge to take it all in.  It will take awhile for it all to make sense and be something they can do on their own.  They are troopers though, and willing to learn!

As for those 17 kids, 15 of them are in a local private school and 2 of them are in preschool/daycare here on the campus.   The kids are being well educated and cared for throughout the day which is another burden lifted from their moms.  

We are praying for big changes in these families and are excited to see how God works in their lives!

Here are our families.....

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