The well guys getting ready to send the 1,000 feet of pipe back down


We don't have water access which is a problem.  Currently we have to buy it by the truck load, which is not cheap.  This is simply water for our families to live here and to function - clean, shower, flush toilets, etc.   We knew there was a well that was abandoned long ago because it no longer "worked".  From what we could gather the previous owners invested $60,000 to drill this well but it was used less than a year because the production was not sufficient for the amount of children that lived here during that time.  We decided to get the abandoned well checked out and prayed it wasn't dried up.  The guys came, brought up 1,000 feet of pipe and the pump.  The pump was ruined after sitting without use for nine years.  They sent cameras down and saw water and also saw that the well needed to be cleaned from years of build-up. After 10 hours of cleaning they began to pump - Yay water!  It looks like this well will yield 5-600 gallons daily, enough water for our families, visitors and the day to day functions for now.  It will be another thing once we have 20 women working,  their kids going to school, and greenhouses functioning but for now, we'll take what we've got! The cost of the work performed with the new pump and controls was about $2100.  If you would like to help us with this cost please visit our general donation page here

Chris SteedComment