Jose Update + Funds needed

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Friday afternoon we brought Jose home from the hospital.  In the last three weeks he has made three trips to the operating room.  The first two related to cleaning and removing the bad areas of his bedsores.  The third was extensive plastic surgery to repair 4 large bedsores and 4 smaller ones.  His body is healing well and the doctors have given us the go ahead to move him home.  José is pictured here with Dr. Chew.

We've been waiting on the final hospital bill (here in Guatemala they add the Dr. charges on the last day of treatment) We're in need of $4000 finish paying the final hospital bill.  An additional $2,000 will allow us the buy medicine and supplies (we have an experienced nurse who is volunteering his time to see José daily at no cost) as well as bring a physical therapist daily for one hour to work with his legs and arms for the next 3-4 months.  This is an excruciating process for him but very necessary if he's going to have a life outside of his bed in the future. We're praying and reaching out to you all one more time to help us bridge the gap for José and raise the $6000 needed. 

Donate to Jose's care here, Thank you for your prayers and generosity!

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