Urgent Need for José

Urgent Need from Project For Hope

Good evening Friends,

I'm reaching out with an urgent need, asking the Lord to save the life of a young man here in Magdalena.  Tonight we need your prayers and some generous financial assistance.

I met 19 year-old Jose and his mother Maria on Tuesday afternoon.  It was obvious he had been badly burned and was malnourished.

Maria explained that five months ago Jose had been working with a contractor in the city running some aerial cable. Young people here are so desperate for work they'll do about anything.. including dangerous cable work with no training to earn $5-$10 a day. There was an accident and he was electrocuted and severely burned.  The contractor met her at the hospital gave her Q1500 ($200) and told her that Jose had burned his hands and was receiving treatment. That was the last time she saw the contractor and has no way of finding out who he was. 

After spending three months in the public hospital Maria feared she was losing Jose as his conditioned worsened and he had developed bedsores. (Public hospitals here are understaffed and notoriously underfunded.. commonly not having medicines or basic supplies) She mortgaged her small home and put him in a very low scale private hospital hoping his situation would improve.  Last week the money ran out and Jose was sent home to die.  I was totally unprepared for the sight of the bed sores this young man had developed due to lack of care. Honestly the most horrible thing I have seen in our almost seven years here in Guatemala. 

We've made contact with a surgeon who is willing to help Jose as he urgently needs surgery to survive. Tonight I'm asking for your help, we need approximately $10k to get this surgery done and get Jose on the long road to recovery. Would you consider helping Jose?  Any amount would be appreciated, you can give here. (credit card, paypal or electronic check/ACH)

We realize that there are no guarantees in this situation, it's highly complicated.  His life is in God's hands - please join us in prayer for Jose.

Chris & Holly

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