The Story - God's Provision Part 2

We visited the property several times in the following weeks and learned that it was actually owned by a large non-profit based in New York City called Covenant House.  CH is known for their work with homeless teens all over the US and Central America.  The property had served as a home and rehabilitation center for those struggling with addictions and, most recently, a complete program for girls rescued from human trafficking.  5 years ago the program was relocated to Guatemala City for various logistical reasons and the property has been empty ever since.

In doing some basic research on CH and thinking through how best we could approach them, we noticed that a member of their board had the same title, in the same company as a friend of the ministry.  Both were executive positions and we reached out to our friend to see if the board member was known to him.  He didn't know him but agreed to reach out and within a few weeks there had been a few meetings.  Within a few months there was a meeting at CH with the CEO and Sr. VP of Central America. Not long after, we made an offer but it fell short. In January of this year we made contact again and were able to arrange for a meeting here in Guatemala.  In early March we toured their facility and they came to Magdalena and took a brief tour of the ministries here.  On a side note, while visiting their program for girls rescued from human trafficking, known as "La Alianza", we were deeply touched by their work and began to think about how Project For Hope could assist some of these girls one day. Many were young single mothers with nowhere to go once they finish the 3-4 year program.

By mid-March we had made a follow-up offer. We explained that we did not have the funds but were stepping out in faith, believing for God's provision; that this was His project and we believed He would provide.  The only thing we could offer was a small down payment and a timeframe to complete the payment in full.  Finally, on April 15th, we had a conference call and our offer was accepted!  We were excited and scared to death all at the same time, asking ourselves "What did we just do and how are we going to come up with $700,000!?!" After most giant leaps of faith, doubt creeps in and you wonder if you got it wrong and are going to fall. Well God was quick to answer.  The very next day, a little less than half of what we needed was committed.  We were blown away!

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