Pray for Noelia


Yesterday we (Nortons & Steeds) visited with Noelia and her family to celebrate the birthdays of Allen (10) and Bryan(7).  We brought lunch and a homemade cake and spent a little time with the family.  Noelia and I chatted afterward about some of the challenges she is facing right now.  We were talking about there being no electricity to her house. She casually mentioned how she was up with one of the kids who was sick recently and found a man trying to get into the thin metal lamina door in front of her house.  "It was pitch black, thank God some dogs started barking and the man ran off, I don't know what I would have done" I remembered a night in the past year as well when she had taken an all night job out of desperation and left the kids at home alone.  Maria had fallen asleep while burning a candle (their only source of light) and awoke to her bed engulfed in flames. The past few weeks the boys have been really struggling in school.  She  shared that she's not sure it's worth them being there.  There is one teacher for two grades and the current teacher is more interested in being on the computer than watching his class... Allen has failed 3 of his last 4 years and this one is not looking good. So much to balance alone... Pray for her this week.