July Dia del Campo

We had our first "Dia del Campo" or field day this past weekend with 5 families that we're looking forward to seeing in PFH at launch.  We rented a small school bus and went to Finca Florencia, a huge park about 10 minutes from Magdalena.  We played football, had a huge water balloon fight, even a little bachata dancing!  We were curious what kind of a response we would get when we invited each family but they were all super excited to come to Florencia for the day.  We brought in Pizza for lunch and bought ice cream for everyone.  It was a great day for everyone including the team from Word Fellowship Church in New Jersey that helped us host the families.  Myra (one of the moms) shared through tears that she was trying to think of way to celebrate her birthday with her four boys but with no money for cake or a special meal it was not going to happen.  She was so grateful for what turned out to be her best birthday ever. (we didn't even know it was her birthday!)