A Family Strategy

We envision our ministry operations center as an oasis where children receive education and care while the mothers earn a living wage. At the end of a regular workday, these families can return home together to enjoy family time.  For each of our candidate families, this is currently impossible. These families are embroiled in a struggle to literally survive. Project for Hope ministers to the entire family holistically.

Teaching skills to single mothers and widows:

Providing vocational training and stable work in nearby greenhouses

Life skills training in parenting, nutrition, hygiene, finance and personal leadership

Access to healthcare through clinic days







Building confidence in young men and women:

Providing access to quality education (elementary/ middle/high/tech school)

Small group mentoring and Bible studies

Personal leadership training

Medical/dental care and guidance in personal hygiene

Caring for small children:

Childcare on campus during workday

Early childhood education

Alimentation/feeding program

Medical/dental care and guidance in personal hygiene