Hope Campaign PFH Property

Quick Facts

  • 5.15 acres

  • 16,000 square feet of existing structures (offices, dormitories,classrooms, clinics)

  • 4200 square foot covered/lighted sports court

  • Approx 10,000 feet of concrete security wall

  • Outdoor soccer field


Project for Hope seeks to work with the family unit as a whole. Not just provide work for mom while leaving the kids at home to fend for themselves. Our Ministry Operations Center is an oasis where a family can come in together and the children/teens will receive a high quality education and care while the mothers earn a fair, living wage.

We’ve recently acquired a five acre former orphanage where there are several existing structures (approx. 16,000 square feet) that will serve as school, child care facilities, medical/dental clinics, feeding center,emergency short term housing for families in crisis as well as staff and team housing. You can be a part of making this Operations Center a life-changing experience for the families who come through our doors. Be a part of the story that doesn't just change one life, but changes a whole family's story. If you would like to learn more about our capital campaign to complete financing for the property please contact us here.

The centerpiece of the ministry center will be a 7,000 square meter greenhouse facility (that’s larger than a football field!) that we're planning begin construction on in 2017. In this facility we’ll train and employ single moms and widows at a fair and legal wage. In this high-tech environment we can generate enough revenue to be a self-­sustainable greenhouse operation and assist with the costs of education and healthcare for the family. Our long-­term goal is to be a completely self­-sustainable ministry and to assist at least 50 widows and their families with employment, education and healthcare. We want to see them equipped with the tools to live a self-sufficient life where they can take pride in their work and have the confidence to face the challenges of tomorrow; to see their children and young people inspired and resourced to pursue an education that will give them hope for the future. And while we know that employment and education are important to these families, our vision is that fatherless families under our care will know Jesus and His love for them; that they will know that there is Hope in Him.