Project For Hope Sponsorships


Student Sponsorship

Access to high quality education is one of the most valuable gift you can give to a child in Guatemala. Your sponsorship of a child or mother provides for all monthly school fees, textbooks, supplies for the school year starting at $35 monthly. Click the link below to browse and select a student to sponsor.


Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorships are at the heart of our work. Your sponsorship of a family helps us move a single mother or widow living in poverty toward a self sufficient life. These sponsorships allow us to stabilize these families and assist them with basic needs of food, clothing, electricity, healthcare while they work through the program at PFH. Sponsorships begin at just $35 monthly.

Nidia Sponsorship.jpg

Ministry Team

We’re passionate about the families we serve and have a dynamic team of Guatemalan professionals that love their work, are committed to excellence and most importantly they have a deep desire to be used by God to change lives. Join with us by sponsoring a member of our ministry team. As a ministry team member sponsor you’ll receive a monthly update directly from your sponsored team member. Sponsorships start at Just $35 monthly.